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What we do

We translate HR into business usefulness.

Our activities



What do people want?

Talents – Burn Out – Multiple-generations @work – Engagement – Efficiency


Are all the components of my organisation well aligned?

NWOW – Processes – Workplace location & design – Organisation Design


Leadership & Culture

Do we have the right leaders in place? Does our culture help us achieving our purpose?

Leadership & Entrepreneurship – Corporate culture

HR Organisation

Are all HR processes in line with the organisation strategy?

Processes – Efficiency & Effectiveness – Organisations Transformation


Our practices

Talent & Leadership Development

In line with our values, we strive for a people based approach in all the projects we carry out. Obviously, one of our chosen fields is people’s development and talent management: we assist people in their development by fostering reflection and self-awareness. We promote different perspectives within a well-defined and well-thought framework. We provide solutions that are tailored to the situations’ needs, which mean that we adapt our services in order to provide the most appropriate solution in terms of development (development center, training, mentoring, coaching (internal or external), workshops, leadership programs, etc.). Moreover, we really strive for placing people at the center, making them the real actors of their development.

Holistic approach

We follow the same philosophy when providing assessment services: we do not simply give an opinion on the match between the candidate and the job but consider the job in the context of the candidate’s career development. Our holistic approach provides an added value to the client by increasing the chances to select the most appropriate profile and to the candidates by providing them with a useful feedback. This increases the face validity, which also benefits the client.


Our IDP methodology is based on a holistic principle which states that a person’s basic predispositions or natural tendencies (Individuality) should be taken into account along with patterns of behaviour displayed in specific professional situations (Performing), as well as general and specific motivations (Drive) in order to allow insight in a person’s competences. Knowing who the participant is and what he/she wants to do enables us to draw  up  a global and comprehensive overview of the person. Our methodology focuses on personal growth.