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Who we are

Smart thinking, creative, challenging, pragmatic, no-nonsense.

Our values


Inspire passion

We aim high, give it our all and celebrate success. We open our minds, draw inspiration from the world around us and keep bringing new ideas. We take care of every single person in our circle and make them shine and promote active participation.

Make a difference

We systematically give the people around us more than they expect. We go the extra mile! We think out of the box and consistently come up with incredible solid and valuable solutions. We only work tailor-made and pay attention to the impact on individuals. We focus on results rather than on process.


Challenge today

We value excitement and confidence by going beyond our comfort zone. We challenge assumptions and suggest new ways of working. We consider constructive feedback as a blessing. We engage others to be curious and ask questions.

Build together

We maximise our impact in building strong and effective working relationships. We accomplish tasks in the interest of Intys hr rather than out of self-interest. We take time to actively share our knowledge. We contribute effectively outside our specialty. We embrace and actively promote diversity.


Keep growing

We continuously seek to improve on a day-to-day basis. We take smart risks. We value and do not fear failures, we own up to them and learn from them. We constantly nurture curiosity in order to learn rapidly and eagerly. We are responsible for our own development.

Equal chances

We are still a relatively young company, but we have deliberately chosen to support not-for-profit projects. How can we speak of Human Resources and not share the value we create with people who need it?

Equal chances for everyone on a good life seemed to us a good start to help making this world a little bit better.

Our name


Our name Intys hr is derived from Inti, the sun god of the Inca empire. The sun was the most important aspect of life because it provided warmth and light. In the image of Inti, at Intys hr, it is our aim to create a favorable and nurturing environment, enabling personal development and leading to combined personal and corporate success.