Employee Experience

Retaining and developing great talents is a real challenge.
So where to starts? Efficient onboarding of course but also well-crafted:
career paths, performance reviews, rewards and recognitions, compensations
and benefits, learning & development, and much more.

  • How can I create an impactful onboarding process for my newcomers ?
  • How can a fair Performance & Talent Management process help me retain my talents and keep them growing ?
  • Which HR processes do you need to focus on to retain your employees and engage them to the fullest?
  • How does well-being affect my employees’ performances ?

Having engaged employees is not just about offering a good compensation or training policy, you need to make sure that all your company is a good place to work, hence people dedicated to your business.

Retaining and developing talents:

Soft HR

  • Talent Management (Individual Development,…)
  • Learning & Development
  • Career path
  • Well-being at work
  • Cultural Leadership  (Collective & Leadership Developments,…)
  • Involvement & Engagement of the employees
  • Values, Culture, …

Hard HR

  • Payroll Management
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • HR legal & compliance (employment and contract regulation, GDPR, etc.)