Why Intys hr

Our values

Inspire Passion

We aim high, keep bringing new ideas, give it our all and celebrate success.

Build Together

We focus on co-creation and building strong and effective working relationships. We take time to actively share our knowledge. We embrace and promote diversity.

Make a difference

We systematically try to give the people around us more than they expect. We think out of the box and come up with solid and valuable solutions.

Challenge Today

We value excitement and confidence by going beyond our comfort zone. We challenge assumptions and suggest better ways of working.

Keep Growing

We continuously seek to improve on a day-to-day basis. We nurture curiosity in order to learn rapidly and eagerly. We value ownership and self-development.

Our commitments


We strive to find the best solution for your request. Our solutions are tailor-made, pragmatic, no-nonsense and lean with no concession made on quality.


Respect is at the basis of our work. As a client, participant, candidate or consultant, we promise to adopt a posture that is respectful and professional at all times.

Shared knowledge

Our consultants share best practices and capitalize on our experience and knowledge. They are continuously trained in the different fields of Human Resources, but the angle on business requirements and their impact on people is always at the center.

Get ready to be challenged

We challenge assumptions and status quo in a collaborative way. When the definition of the request is finalized, both of us are certain to be working on a solution or targets that will benefit your organization.

Our added value

Our world has been shaped by human beings and we are currently shaping it for human beings. They are both the past and the future and today, companies are reinventing themselves to put the human back at the core of what they do. More than ever, at Intys hr, we believe that people are the key to any company’s success. By advising both people and companies, we help them to create true experiences.
We offer tailor-made approaches and dedicated inhouse supports. Not only to help and advice, but to build and drive these human experiences.